Senior Citizen Transportation

JACK’S party bus services provide transportation for senior citizens who make phone calls. And, we can carry seniors almost everywhere, such as medical appointments, hospitals, senior centers, shopping malls, museums, places of worship, theaters, and cultural events. JACK’S party bus services also arrange transportation for special group tours around the city. Our transportation service can also be called for visits to family and friends in hospitals and elderly housings, shopping, and bank visits. In addition, JACK’S Party bus services offer more limited private car services for emergencies such as medical, social services, legal appointments, and special events. Senior people get acquainted with drivers, look forward to traveling to the city, enjoy fleets and trust.

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Different Fleets for different occasions 

Transportation service provided for:

  • Transportation for medical appointments such as dialysis, doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies.
  • Dining and shopping at local shops and squares.
  • Club meetings and personal visits.
  • Special arrangements.
  • Livingstone Mall.

Types of Transportation for Senior Citizens

Over time, the natural aging process can reduce your ability to drive safely. Many older people experience less power to drive safely. So, they need to find other viable means of transportation to lead their daily lives. Read below for more information on the different types of transport for seniors.

Public transport

Senior people living in areas with public transport options have various options. From subways and buses to trains, public transport is often one of the best options for healthy and quitting senior people. However, many older people may not use such services because they have to go back and forth between bus and train stops and adhere to tight schedules. If so, consider our transportation services.

Paratransit service

Another of the various types of transportation for the elderly is the paratransit service. Many public modes of transport accommodate older people with disabilities, but some public transport misses the mark. Paratransit services may be more appropriate if public transport does not provide the required level of service. We provide transportation according to the ADA requirements.

Non-profit transportation service

Our non-profit communities offer non-profit transportation services for senior citizens. Charities or religious groups usually fund these services, and volunteers provide them. And these programs are independently financed by grants and donations. Depending on the service, you may need to purchase or donate a member in exchange for the service. Due to the limitations of these services, reservations may require.

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