Crew Transportation

The crew will always travel safely and comfortably on land with our shuttle. Are you an airline that needs a trusted partner to transport your staff? Let your team enjoy the excellent service they represent in their work. We guarantee punctual and trouble-free occupant transport in the comfortable atmosphere of our vehicles with high-quality interiors. Therefore, we can play our role to ensure that your crew is relaxed and ready for the next takeoff.

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Today, many airlines switch to designated transportation services for pilots, flight attendants, and crew. JACK’S party bus services have full-service transportation options to meet all land transportation needs. The latest technology in all vehicles allows you to monitor air traffic and receive real-time updates. In addition, it provides vehicle operators with regular updates on flight status. So they can accurately maintain both arrival and departure time schedules. Our services are also available for airlines that want to move evacuated passengers to another destination. JACK’S Party bus services offer a unique crew transportation service designed for airline crew/passengers, people in business, and private jet passengers. So our crew transportation team is dedicated to providing high-quality and professional service

Vehicle types provided by us

We work closely with bus partners to offer a wide variety of buses. Such as charter buses, minibuses, traditional yellow school buses, and versatile sprinters. Whether you’re booking a one-time city trip or arranging a shuttle service for your crew.

Top Benefits of Booking a Crewed Vehicles

Today, many companies offer navigation services to those with airlines. They want to transport their crew from point one to point 2. Our fleets are precisely designed and extremely comfortable as they consist of different amenities. It’s easy to book that suits you online.

Maximum comfort

Our fleets are managed by a team of experts and are extremely comfortable. These vehicles are very pleased as they do not hold people accountable. No one will disturb your crew during the transport.


Our fleets rented with our team are budget-friendly. It depends on the situation. For example, in a case where a group of 20 or 30 people is traveling, and if you’re trying to transport more than 50 people, that number doubles. Prices will be different. So call us for asking prices.

Easy reservation

Our vehicles are extremely easy to book. You can hire us simply by going online and browsing our most respected website or calling us.

No interference

You might think that a fleet accompanied expert would try to interfere with your personal space, but that’s not the case. They take on their affairs, but you have the authority to speak to them, for example, to request special services. These were the main benefits of booking our fleets. You can browse the internet and visit our website to learn more about these types of fleets.

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High-end facilities

Our luxury vehicles are rich in high-end facilities. These facilities do not contribute to the overall package you choose. You can enjoy mobile satellite TV with an LCD or plasma monitor (if available). There is also a surround sound system. There is plenty of space to store personal belongings, and crew buses have Wi-Fi and power outlets. The crew bus is specially designed for long-distance transport of crew, so the interior is much more comfortable and customized for your specific needs. Besides that, it features large, soft leather seats, colored windows, bathrooms, bedrooms with TVs, and even a kitchen. Crew buses are usually completely custom-built by skilled artisans to ensure a great home on the road.

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If you have any questions about all the services we offer or renting a rental bus, please call 202-834-3488 to consult an experienced travel consultant. JACK’S crew Transportation is proud to be a leading provider of aviation and hotel staff transportation services in America. We have a large and diverse fleet of buses, long-distance buses, and buses adapted to all airline crews and hotels. So if you need flight crew service on an aircraft or hotel, please get in touch with us today at 202-834-3488. Our simple online booking platform guarantees the best prices on the market. Our 24/7 customer service team is available 24/7 to provide support at all times.

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