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Our success story is a drive to go further and a passion for excellence. We understand that our customers are an essential part of our success. Travel by JACKS Party Bus and connect to every corner of the United States. We guarantee to our customers

  • Reasonable Fare
  • Providing an Ideal fleet for every event
  • Comfort and Safety
  • Professional service

We offer our customers luxury fleets and professional services at reasonable fares. You don’t have to worry about anything! And you can stretch your legs and relax on the long route.

Party Buses

Our party bus for rental resembles clubs on wheels, settling a brilliant decision for arranging an extraordinary party. Regardless of the event or area, we have the perfect party buses for your next unique event. Find our extensive collection of party buses and more. The fun behind being in a party bus on rent with your companions or relatives instead of gazing at traffic is a big easy decision for most. It’s not difficult to go on our web and do a quest for party bus rental close to your home. With a couple of simple keystrokes, you might have the option to observe and appraise our nearby transportation administrations to assist you. And with reducing your decision of limo rentals and select the best party vehicle choice that is best for you.

Party Bus Rentals Near Me

So in case you’re in any event contemplating hiring a party bus or limousine for any of your forthcoming get-aways or occasions. Don’t chance late appearances or neglected assumptions from utilizing a substandard limo rental business. At the same time, you can’t handle the climate for your extraordinary event. You can realize what to search for in a legitimate transportation service.
When searching for a party bus, Jack’s party bus will be the best choice for you. Because we cover the entire United States, meaning we have an immense armada, it doesn’t make any difference. We host the ideal get-together transport for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a tremendous state like Alaska, Alabama, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Texas, Atlanta, or a more modest city. We are consistently transport rentals close to you.

Party Bus Rental Services

There’s an immense convenience when party bus for rent as well as for your general insight. Party vehicles have consistently been a staple in our outlets, not just for prom or an evening to remember. Yet more conventional occasions like weddings and even organize events. If you’re searching for a party bus, we are a top priority because we provide our services all over the USA. And it considerably more reasonable for everybody in the gathering. You have so many diverse fleets to browse, regardless of whether you have a little group of 10 Passengers or a large crowd of up to 40 travelers. We are consistently a choice. Besides that, there are various vehicles for rent with multiple costs. Get a free quote, which you can think about and ensure you get the best deal.
Are you using your devices to arrange a party bus for rent? Be careful with misleading transportation dealers and below-average vehicle benefits that discourage your uncommon occasion. Don’t worry. We will provide you with the best services at a reasonable cost.


The 10 passengers are the epitome of a stately limousine rental. The quality of our vehicles is excellent and strives every year to live up to its historic reputation. It is the first fleet that comes to mind when people think about what type of vehicle they want to rent for a special occasion. These limousines can accommodate up to 10 passengers, making them popular for different events such as weddings, proms, and impressive outlooks.

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Interior Look

The interior of these Limos is a showcase of elegance and craftsmanship. Luxurious leather seats are cozy, spacious, and comfortable. In addition, the stainless steel mirrored ceiling enhances the atmosphere created by fiber optic lighting and its LEDs. Besides that, the spectacular surround sound music system is a delight for audiophiles. You can use LCD to show customers company videos or play slideshows to set bridal shower themes. The AM / FM / CD / DVD player is covered with rosewood stained glass panels. Even if you choose these vehicles, you and your guests will feel like a VIP!


For different events

Whether you always have a party on the bus or use our vehicle for your event, our buses are the perfect way to make things better. The events we attend such as Deer and bachelor parties, For Wedding parties, Birthday Parties, Tailgating, Corporate events, Girl night out

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As with most new products or technologies, we quickly evaluate them for their suitability for our lifestyle. Then we promptly assimilate them into our lives and assume. For example, party buses can accommodate up to 10-12 and sometimes more passengers.

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luxury limousines

We initially added the 12-seater party limos to its fleet to cater for airport transfers. Furthermore, families and groups travel with their luggage in the comfort and style of a chauffeured limousine. Since then, our rental company has expanded the use of its twelve-seater limousine. Our fleets for different events such including girls’ nights out, bachelor parties, and trips to restaurants occasions for which we have been offering you rentals. Of luxury limousines for many years. And we can also provide you the option of more than one limousine and many more than twelve seats. We have a limousine to accommodate eight, ten, twenty, or more people in comfort and style on a night out.



Did you plan a night party for friends and family? Your fleet awaits you, and it’s the envy of the city! Our 14-person party bus is your limousine, allowing you and your friends to travel safely in total style. This party bus is ideal for you with all the amenities you need. It is a club on wheels, and everything is for your pleasure.

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Interior Look

A look inside our limo rental, and you will feel transformed. And such as LED lights and fiber optic lighting turn this limo party into a nightclub throughout the interior. Besides that, the stainless steel mirrored ceiling is a sight. There are flat-screen televisions available for watching DVDs—the control console made of stained rosewood. Bring your favourite music playlist and turn up the volume! The top-notch sound system can handle it. The bar includes drained ice buckets and fiber optic lighting. A beautiful long window runs almost the length of the cabin so you and your party guests can enjoy the great atmosphere of the city.


For what purpose?

Jack’s Party Bus has you covered with a 14 passenger party bus that’s ideal for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

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Few luxury vehicles match the excellent reputation of Mercedes Benz. Your attention to detail and appreciation for high-end interiors shows in the 16 seater party bus. For those special occasions when you need to accommodate more than twelve passengers, a 16 passengers limousine rental is enough. The limo party bus is enough to seat fourteen to sixteen passengers; that is the ideal luxury vehicle for bachelor, bachelorette parties, weddings, and fun group events like wine tours.

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The leather seats provide very comfortable seating, immediately creating a group atmosphere. What can find Flat-screen televisions at both ends of the limousine bus? In addition, USB ports and iPod connectors let you customize the perfect music playlist for your premium surround sound system. Besides that, fiber optics and LED lighting set the mood for any occasion. Theme parties and concerts are easier to plan and enjoy when you leave the driving to professional drivers.

In addition, with premium materials and courteous, experienced service, you and your friends will feel pampered. You will feel as if you are traveling in a VIP lounge on wheels. We provide all the amenities you would expect from a limo rental. In addition, the touch screen panel on the rosewood console controls the CD / DVD player—the bar setup completed by self-draining ice cubes, including a champagne bucket. Tinted windows ensure privacy for all guests.



This limo bus is built to a luxury standard when it comes to party buses in the USA. This 20 passengers party bus is designed for door-to-door fun. Hire this for a bachelor or bachelorette party, and get ready for a great evening.

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Interior look

This party limousine pack with state-of-the-art features offers plenty of flexibility to host the perfect party for rental services. Once you get on the bus, you will realize that this is not just any trip—lounge-style seating prepared for socializing. Take a seat and take a look around you. The lighting system inside the party bus sets the mood for your VIP evening. This party bus is ideal for sporting events.

Besides that, frameless windows, the size of a bus, give everyone a seat next to the bright lights and bustle. You and your friends will feel like royalty with the world passing by on your party bus. In addition, a video screen and a DVD player let you load up the fun for any party theme. Use it for a friend and family slideshow or combine themed video clips with setting the mood for a costume party. You can turn up the volume on this bus! A 12-Volt power supply is available for whatever you can take with you.


Party Buses for Every Occasion

It is an excellent bus rental for your holiday office party. Maybe you would like to organize a memorable birthday party adventure for a friend reaching a milestone. This luxury party bus is a fantastic wedding transportation service for hotel guests or even the wedding party rehearsal dinner for wedding parties.

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Our party bus provides luxury travel accommodation for more than 24 people. It provides a safe and exciting way to reach your destination. It’s an invincible nightclub experience with all the equipment you’d expect, but far more than you might think. Why do you take another bus? Your party bus is the only way to travel stylishly. If you’re looking for a 24-seater party bus, we’d love to invite guests for an unforgettable experience. Our competitive price makes renting a limousine an affordable option for your next event.

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Interior Look

Our luxury party buses are updated with entertainment and style in mind. It is the perfect bus rental to entertain your customers. Discreet panels and colored windows give you privacy. Besides that, anyone can use the DVD player for presentations. Of course, like any other limousine rental, you can bring your drinks on board. A party bus is a modified bus with surrounding seats and more headroom. They are updated with an excellent sound system, neon lighting, laser lights, minibar, LED TV, and other equipment. Large party baths can also accommodate dance floors.



Twenty-eight passengers party bus is lovely. It has a great sound system to be the party’s life and then the dance of dance that comes out! The coach has learn-wrapped seats with one monitor to be slideshows, movies, or whatever its agenda. Like our others, it has front and rear and heat air to help him comfort while we have a good time. This limousine party bus has an extra high roof and is more comprehensive than most! If your room is high and you want or want more space to celebrate this perfect! This party/bus from the limousine will be for you if you have a big group!

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Onboard Amenities

The 28 Passenger Party Bus has many of the facilities like our limos stretched out with some additional features that are exclusive of our party buses. The inside of the 28 passenger party buses is designed to consider our clients’ safety and convenience.
Besides that, soft leather sofa seats, three personal bars, large panoramic windows with privacy stones, stainless steel ceiling with fiber lighting, strobe lighting. And unique mood conditions are just a few of the many features you will enjoy. For entertainment, it is fully equipped with several flat screens. Along with an audio and high-end video system, you will get the party started before reaching your destination. Do not look any further if you are looking for a party for your wedding, gradual, social event, or corporate outing.


Different Occasion

The 28 seater party bus is an ideal way of luxury transport. Our 28 Passenger party bus is perfect for a special night with friends near the city. Besides that, the 28 passenger party bus is also ideal for social and corporate events. It is also the perfect shuttle bus. With its perimeter feeling and living room style, its guests will love him not to tighten on a regular bus.

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Jack Party bus also offers guests a 30-seater party bus that can comfortably accommodate 30 passengers. Ride a 30-seater party bus and have all your guests instantly have a unique and unforgettable party.

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Amenities in Party Bus

The 30-seater party bus has everything you need to host a great party. There are surrounding seats where everyone can see each other. You’ll also get the best AV equipment, including TVs, a DVD player, and a great surround sound system. And here’s the fun part. You get a wet bar that you can use for your drink and almost anything else you need. You can take a 30-seater party bus.


Celebrate your Milestone

Make your last night as a bachelor special by spending time with your friends on a 30-seater party bus. Gather all your friends on a 30-seater party bus for a prom party and go to the prom in style! You can continue to dance all night after the group plays the last set. Paint the city red with comfort and style. You and your friends can expect you to feel like a celebrity when you board our party bus through the town. Weddings, christenings, and other milestones do not have to be traditional. Instead of being trapped in a room, why not invite your guests to a party on the way to see something different time you look out the window?
It’s a unique way to celebrate your milestone. Did you mention drinks? Yes, you can drink as much as you like and you don’t have to worry about how to get home. Our professional drivers take care of the driving so everyone can enjoy it. On the other hand, you and your friends have to sit down, relax and PARTY!


Our party bus offers guests the luxurious elegance of traditional limousines with additional space and amenities. Different limousine buses allow you to choose up to 35 passengers from that seat. Each Limousine Bus has a spacious and spacious body with ample headroom to accommodate other passengers. In addition, the party bus features an executive work area such as color TVs with DVD players, AM / FM stereos with CD players, leather interiors, and gas bars with ice and water.

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  • Premium sound
  • Two large LCD screens
  • Disco lighting is sensitive to sound
  • Full bar and cooler
  • Laser display
  • Touch screen control

Amazing Vehicles

Our luxury transport limousine buses include group airport transport, birthday parties, group trips to the casino, town nights, business events, business trips, group cruise transport, town great for nights in, group transport services, wedding transport, tourist transport, travel agency transport and more.

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Our party bus can accommodate up to 40 people and includes

  • an ambient stereo system,
  • fiber optic lights,
  • a wet bar,
  • a dance bar, and
  • an optional toilet.

If you have a gathering of over three dozen close friends, you can go on an adventure that begins when you board a 40-seater party bus. This wheeled club offers luxury and excitement every turn while keeping the party point-to-point. Whether you need a party bus for 40 people to take a girl to a bachelorette mission or take your birthday guests to famous hotspots in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland, JACK’S Party bus will support you.

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Amenities in 40 Passengers party bus

  • Our high-tech surround sound system is compatible with Bluetooth or auxiliary cables.
  • Besides that, fiber optic light-dim or turn on the light. It’s your choice! Make your party bus feel like the hottest fiber optic ride.
  • Wet Bar-No need to worry about how to cool your drink.
  • It would help if you had a place to rest when your dancing legs get tired. On the JACK’S Party bus, that means the location of our leather seats. Comfortable, clean, and perfect for the moment, you just want to see the action.
  • Grab Pole when you’re on the dance floor of the party bus.
  • Who wants to watch videos on the go? You do! That’s why our DVD players are all yours while you’re on the go.
  • Complete luxury deserves the best amenities, which means a party bus toilet.

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It’s beneficial for everyone because it’s affordable. You don’t have to wait for your destination to start the party. It begins when you get on the bus. The party bus relieves all the sadness and anxiety of the night. Our Professionally trained drivers keep you safe. You don’t have to worry about drunk driving or assigning friends to a designated manager. Everyone can go to the party and have a good time on the party bus. So hire our party bus services; you can call us at 202-834-3488 or fill out the form below.


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