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Brewery tours are always a fun time. Relax with your loved ones, knowing that you can enjoy a tour of the brewery and enjoy safe transportation. We offer personalized breweries tours tailored to your needs. Our brewery tours are customized to provide a unique experience. Bring your family, friends, colleagues, and business partners together for an unforgettable experience. Choosing an all-point limousine guarantees a comfortable and stylish trip.
Are you planning to visit the brewery as a group? We offer minibusses and other car rentals that can take you and your group to every brewery you love. Don’t worry about transportation! The staff is friendly and polite professionals. Your minibus will be on time, and you will enjoy the ride quality. JACK’S Party bus saves on transportation issues and handling/parking costs by combining everything into one manageable fare. Our luxury vehicles stylishly move between your favorite breweries.

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Different Fleets for different occasions 

We can accommodate groups of any size!

For small groups, sedans and SUVs are perfect. If you are looking for different fleets, we can accommodate up to 14 passengers. Whether the tour is for a group of more friends or for arranging a business trip, our minibus is ideal for their convenience, style, and capacity for 27 guests. Whether you’re new to the craft beer scene or a longtime craft beer enthusiast, luxury beer tours are a great way to spend time with your friends. In addition, vehicles with drivers always improve the experience.


Our sedans are perfect for a romantic day with a special person.


Enjoy a wonderful day in a limousine for 6 to 8 passengers.


Small groups have Expedition SUV seats for six passengers.


When traveling in large groups, a forward-looking 27-seater minibus is ideal.


Our van fleet can accommodate 14 passengers.

Luxury charter bus

Our most popular transportation option is a luxury party bus with 48 to 57 passengers.

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Brewery tours are a great way to spend a fulfilling time with friends, family, or business partners. If you’re a beer fan, the idea of visiting a fascinating brewery may seem like one of the most fascinating in the world. We can provide the convenience of a fun and maximally efficient brewery tour. We are useful for traveling to all kinds of famous breweries in the area. If you want to know more about the world of beer, we can easily help you. You can easily call us at 202-834-3488 or visit our website and hire our fleets for a tour.

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