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The Jack’s Party Bus service in Virginia, Marry Land, and Washington DC build a reputation by ensuring that people stylishly reach their destinations at the best time. We believe that the journey should be as pleasant as the destination. Furthermore, our partner program is designed to drive the growth of bus companies and commuters. A dedicated team of logistics experts works with us to connect our partners with the right customers and provide different personalized services.

What are we looking for..

Jack’s Party Bus represents a form of punctual, comfortable, and environment friendly offering the best prices in the long-haul industry.  Besides that, we provide our partners with an ideal base for entering the USA bus travel market. In addition, we always looking for an ambitious and dedicated partner of the same wavelength as us.

Why Should You Join?

Access to unique technology

Our technology is specially designed for bus drivers. And built with simplicity and safety in mind. For example, Automatic alerts, live GPS tracking, and passenger registration allow you to get on the hassle-free bus.

Space to centralize all information

We eliminate the need to search for ups and downs. Such as itineraries, passenger lists, and contact information are organized in a neat area.

The free customer service team

Remove the layer of customer service by contacting customers and collecting, filtering, and sending the required information such as names, phone numbers, and addresses.

More than just a partnership

We work with you to find out how to serve your customers together and tailor them to your needs, rather than just submitting a request.

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