Military Transportation Services

For the relocation of military service members, JACK’S PARTY Bus is a safe and reliable fleet bus is ready. Friends and family of army, navy, marine, and Air Force graduates can enjoy excellent rental bus rentals across the United States. We work with hundreds of modes of transportation across the country. Need to transport for army transfer? We can handle it. Do you need to transfer hundreds of military personnel for training? Bus transportation is often the most affordable and productive strategy for relocating Pentagon teachers as group development requires many commuters and baggage. If you need a fleet of charter buses for your next trip, you can go as much as you need with us.

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Different Fleets for different occasions 

Types of military groups served

The United States army is officially called the army. The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are two agencies that develop and implement military policy. In the United States, there are eight unified services with six troops in between, and we can provide the transportation for military needs.

  • The Army of the United States
  • Marine Corps
  • Air Force
  • Space Force
  • The Coast Guard
  • The Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
  • The NOAA
  • The US Reserve
  • The Canadian Armed Forces


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What kind of service can we provide?

  • We provide Bus rentals for selected preliminary monthly combat rallies where designated men practice and hone their military skills and preparations.
  • A high-end means of transportation for most war games, large-scale combat simulations between units, military and government officials, and guests.
  • We provide transportation if the assigned base is in a special security area.
  • Reliable transportation for a unified army too large marches and dedicated bus service to honorary events.
  • Regular or irregular field training transport and shuttle between the garrison and the field training site.
  • Transfers to and from safe government base long-distance parking lots and shuttle buses between larger base buildings.
  • Transportation of new employees for initial access training of new employees.
  • Various irregular training exercises, exchange of experiences, rental of buses for exams, and transfer for new employees.

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If you’re ready to book approved transportation for military or government travel, start with us. If you are prepared for the booking, call us at 202-834-3488, and discuss your bus rental needs. We know that government travel and military operations emphasize reliable, secure, and careful transportation from large-scale movements between bases to unmarked transportation and security training programs. You can combine this with responses from competent groups to meet your needs. Call us at 202-834-3488. A booking expert will provide you with an easy quote for your next outing without obligation.

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