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When it comes to attending public events and festivals, there’s nothing worse than arriving late or entering too early. Our experienced team members have worked with festival producers and event planners. We understand that this type of event depends on the details. And we offer high-quality rental bus services for large music festivals, sporting events, large excursions, and hotel transportation services. We know that event makers already have full boards. That’s why we provide on-site staff to handle last-minute logistics issues. JACK’S Party bus service offers the most suitable bus and minibus designs that will make your journey much easier.

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We also offer a wide range of options for a comfortable trip. We are also, depending on the size of the group. We have the right fleet to enjoy all the key features you need for your trip. Groups and individuals coming to the festival tours are always convenient transportation. We maintain time management quality for your convenience from the moment you pick yourself up from your living area and take you to your destination. It would be best if you didn’t miss your holiday late. That’s why we are always preparing your travel details on time.
What’s more, the drivers we hire are locals to avoid mistakes. Our driver also knows shortcuts. It helps to get to the scene on time. We also keep our cars so that they move fast and keep the dignity of your holiday tour.

Famous Festivals in USA & Canada

Canada and America are very large and diverse countries. Each region of this beautiful country has its celebrations, including everything from Celtic music to the world’s largest winter carnival. If you want to participate in these festivals or attend these festivals, then hire our transportation services all over America and Canada. Check out the top festivals that attract visitors from all over the world throughout the year.

Canadian Festival

  • Winterlude, Ottawa.
  • Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec City.
  • Montreal International Jazz Festival, Montreal.
  • The Calgary Stampede, Calgary.
  • Celebration of Light, Vancouver.
  • Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Montreal.
  • Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton.
  • Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto.
  • Celtic Colors, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
  • Canada Day.
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American Festivals

  • Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
  • Art Basel Miami Beach
  • Lollapalooza
  • Burning Man
  • Taste of Chicago
  • Bonnaroo
  • Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
  • Mardi Gras
  • Minnesota Renaissance Festival
  • Austin City Limits Music Festival
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